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Chemical Process Products

Tower Packings
Ceramic Tower packings promote mass transfer by breaking up liquid as it trickles down over the packing surface. Packings are available in two types: structured and random. Random packings are small shapes that are dumped into towers. Structured packings are rigid bundles that are stacked in towers. For packed towers, KHYATI CERAMICS offers a wide range of packing types and materials such as:

• Ceramic Intalox Saddles (CIS)
• Ceramic Berl Saddles (CBS)
• Ceramic Raschig Rings (CRR)
• Ceramic Partition Rings (CPR)
• Ceramic Pall Rings (CPL)
• Ceramic Cascade Mini Rings (CCMR)
• Ceramic Triangles & Honey Combs (CTHC)
• Ceramic Bed Limiters (CBL)
• Ceramic Support Plates (CSP)

Catalyst - Carriers, Bed Toppings & Bed Supports

KHYATI CERAMICS sets the industry standard for quality Catalyst - Carriers, Bed Toppings & Bed Supports for refining, petrochemical and chemical gas processing applications. The company has extended the sphere by adding new products for maximum effectiveness in specific applications. Today, KHYATI CERAMICS offers the most extensive range of support media products. For long life and reliable service, KHYATI bed supports are most suitable.

KHYATI Catalyst – Carriers, Bed Toppings & Bed Supports are offered both in inert and activated forms. The available shapes are spheres (balls), pellets, cubes, rings, tablets and other specifically developed shapes in different Ceramic / Alumina compositions, which are employed for a wide range of refining, chemical and petrochemical applications such as:

• Air drying
• Alkylation
• Catalytic conversion
• Catalytic cracking
• Catalytic oxidation
• Catalytic reforming
• Condensation
• Dehydrogenation
• Desiccant dryers
• Desulfurization
• Hydrocracking
• Hydrodealkylation
• Hydrogenation
• Hydrotreating
• Isomerization
• LPG treatment
• Methanation
• Molecular sieve separation
• Polymerization
• Shift conversion
• Sulfur recovery
• Thermal cracking

Concurrently KHYATI CERAMICS offers Activated alumina with a high surface area which is used for adsorption of liquids and gases. Activated alumina as a desiccant can remove bulk quantities of water and can dry the gases containing low concentration of water. It can also be used for removal of acid vapours from liquids or gases.

Chemical Process Products


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