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Kiln furniture & Arc Chutes

KHYATI CERAMICS presents vast range of products in Cordierite material. This porous, buff to brown coloured ceramic exerts very good insulating and mechanical properties.
Kiln furniture & Arc Chutes
Family of KHYATI cordierite materials includes products ranging from Arc Chutes to Kiln Furniture.

Arc Chute

Cordierite Arc Chute
Cordierite Arc Guard

Cordierite Arc Quenching Element

Cordierite Arc Box Protector

Kiln Furniture

Cordierite Batts

Cordierite Props

Cordierite Saggars

Cordierite Setters

Cordierite Customized Shapes


Cordierite Tubes
Cordierite Strainer Cores
Cordierite Spacers
Cordierite Spools
Cordierite Sintering Tiles
Cordierite Bobbins
Cordierite Top Plate
Cordierite Bottom Plate
Cordierite Cup Locks
Cordierite Flanges
Any other customized Shape

Due to its low coefficient of thermal expansion, these ceramics provide excellent thermal shock resistance.

User Industries / Institutions:
Steel plants
Switchgear Industries
Special purpose investment casting industries
Electrical furnace manufacturers & users
Industries utilizing kiln furniture

Inferior cordierite compositions fail to resist thermal shocks. To avoid the risk, always insist for trust pass KHYATI Kiln Furniture & Arc Chutes.

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To attain maximum cost effectiveness, always opt for KHYATI products.
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